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Top 2 Ways for Taking Your Business Mobile

You have to be mobile-friendly to get anywhere with your business these days, but it seems like such a pain to build an app or a mobile website. Coders will charge you around sixty bucks an hour, and you’ve probably gone through and built an app on one of those DIY platforms only to hit the publish button and read, “We’ll publish this for you for fifty bucks a month!” We’re willing to bet that you’ve read about a dozen top five and top ten and top fifteen lists before stumbling onto this one, Read more […]

The Beginners Guide to Designing a Website

If you need to design a website, you have many options. You can spend time and effort teaching yourself how to do it, when you can eventually build your own site. You could use a pre-made template. You could even go the more expensive route and hire a web designer. This beginners guide will help you decide what to do:       Teach Yourself Basic HTML and CSS Coding   This is always the hard part of designing a site; learning HTML and CSS coding. It’ll take lots Read more […]