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Turn your workplace from dingy to divine: try this!

Your workplace is more than an office to eke out your nine-to-five grind – at its best, it’s a glowing business card. So why is yours a decrepit pit of clutter and mess? Indeed, many bosses don’t appreciate the integrity of their work premises. Musty walls, sodden ceilings from rainy days and desks that look like they were found in a skip – no wonder your staff look so miserable. With a poor workplace, you’ll put off clients, demoralise employees and even create a potential fire hazard. That Read more [...]

Everything You Need to Create a Stylish Yet Practical Working Space

A stylish yet practical working space is something that we could all do with. For times when we’re given tasks to complete at home, or perhaps when we have our own projects going on, a working space that looks great is just what we need to motivate us. But how can you create a space that’s both stylish and practical? Read on to find out…     1. High Quality Lighting   High quality lighting in a workspace is one of the most important aspects. A dim light source or mood Read more [...]