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How to make your Business more Environmentally Friendly

Implementing sustainable practices at work has a number of benefits – it improves the health of workers, reduces the business’s impact on the environment and can even result in bottom-line savings. Here are four strategies you can implement to make your office and your staff more environmentally friendly. Go Paperless The average worker in the United States uses over 10,000 pieces of paper every year. When you consider that over 600mL of water is used to produce just one piece of paper, Read more […]

Making Effective Use of Monthly Salary

‘Salary sacrifice’ is a typical type of financial arrangement which is lawfully signed by an employee and his or her employer; by signing this legal contract, the employee gives his or her consent to give up an agreed portion from the monthly remuneration, on the stipulated condition that the employer will provide equal benefits to them; the benefits can be an agreed pre-fixed item or services. These types of monetary pacts are also commonly termed as ‘SP (Salary Packaging)’ or ‘TRP (Total Read more […]

5 Tips for Starting Succesful Small Business Online

Many people dream to set up business online. Out of these people, only a few have their dreams come true. The questions here are; why do others succeed while others fail? What do successful people do that the failures don’t? Well, the main reason may be the perception that setting up a business online is an easy and fast money making scheme. Some people also venture into online business without knowing the tips that that will help them successfully establish a business online. With these tips in Read more […]