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Any office space cannot be complete without an ample number of varied stationery products which help in giving the business a more professional, systematic and organized look along-with its interior and exterior structure. It thereby helps in enhancing the overall appeal of the commercial establishment.

For efficient and effective office operations, it is a pre-requisite to pay special attention and to intricately chalk out the necessary stationery required by each department for smooth day-to-day functioning.

Must-haves in offices: Depending on the size of the business and how massive the operations run, there is a host of products that are of utmost importance in the daily functioning of an enterprise and have to be kept in almost every workspace whether small or large. The quantity of products varies with the size of the business. These can be termed as under:

  • Accessories for desk: These are used to organize the desk systematically and find the appropriate item that you need, at the right time. Some of these include Pen stands, Business card holders, Memo Box, Document tray, Magazine holders, Tissue box, Clip holders, Cell-phone holder, Table clocks and Drawer organizers. They help in making the desk look tidy and save you the trouble of searching every corner of the table, to find something that you may need urgently.
  • Stationery for desk:  You cannot pass a single day in office without using these stationeries. You feel incomplete and handicapped even if one of them is missing. These include the Staplers, Glues, Pins, Scissors, Stamp –Pads, Markers, writing instruments like Pens, Pencils, Markers and most importantly the post-its or Sticky notes as they are widely known. Post- It’s are the most widely used accessory in office stationery. These ‘colorful little notes’, decorate your desk and help you to remember every minute detail throughout the day. Like they say good things come in small packages, these tiny helpers are life-savers. They save a lot of time and are best in segmenting and differentiating things. Their different colors help in segregating pages even in between files. Also they can be simply put up on soft notice boards or desks for quick viewing or reminders. They make the dull office atmosphere look lively by adding a dash of color.
  • Logo and Billing Stationery: Letterheads possessing your business logo is vital for your growth. Without a proper logo the company seems unprofessional. All the items that contain your logo should never run out of supply as they are integral for communicating and marketing. Many companies have a separate set of stationery just for billing purpose. It contains the invoice and receipt form attached to it for both the parties to keep in their respective records.
  • Envelopes and Business Cards: These are of grave importance for marketing and communication with clients. Your business card is the face of your business and is the representation of your company so never go short on them and stack up a considerable spare lot .The envelopes are required for daily communication within and outside the organization. Many organizations have different sets of envelopes catering to different vendors and for different uses like internal circulation, billing etc.
  • Storage accessories: These are useful in storing the documents. Files, Folders, Storage boxes and CD/ Photo Covers come under these.
  • Accessories for outdoor events or presentations: Many companies participate in various exhibitions and conferences these days. So it is useful to have some accessories set out for these purposes like soft notice boards in different sizes, notepads for conferences and name badges. White boards, Laser pointers, screens, projectors, remotes and portfolios that hold the essence of meetings which are used during presentations should be well stocked.

Controlling stationery cost: Monitoring the use of stationeries and consolidating all the purchases for various departments of the organization and initiating whole-sale buying can significantly lower the cost incurred for stationeries.

Recycle, Re-use and save the environment: We may say we live in a paper free virtual and tech savvy world, but we all know it is a big bluff. When we look around we see, even with the use of computers the importance of paper has not decreased with time at all. Paper is still important at all levels starting from the grass root level that involves an induction of an employee in any organization by filling in a gamut of information on forms to the billion dollar deals that are signed. Paper is used everywhere and in a diverse way. With the amount of growth in the home and office businesses, it is of sheer importance for every organization to act responsibly and extend a hand in saving the environment through recycling, re-using and reducing the use of stationery. Recycle bins in offices should be set up and people should be encouraged to use them. All the used paper should be shredded and sent back to the recycling center for further processing. Being Eco-friendly is the only option for all companies if they wish to save the earth and see a greener tomorrow.

Along-with these there are various other tools and equipments that form the basis of the daily functioning of any business like scientific calculators, calendars, diaries, Imaging equipments like printers, scanners and fax machines also build the foundations of a successful working environment. So, in conclusion we can briefly state that owing to its remarkable significance the purchase of qualitative stationery supplies at a commendably reasonable price is the top priority and prime concern of every office manager which leaves no room for error. Optimum utilization of resources, at the best of prices with efficiency and comfort at workplace is the new mantra for the corporate when selecting their office supplies! 

Cecelia works as professional graphic designer for a fast growing creative studio in Sydney. Her design skills and innovative promotional ideas allowed her to work with some of the largest companies in Australia. Read more about here.

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