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Small Businesses: Combat the major marketing challenges with corporate holiday greeting cards, social media marketing and more

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Small businesses are imminently faced with a string of marketing challenges, which make it difficult for them to find their foothold in the industry initially. Though the lack of funds is perceived as the chief hurdle, there are other challenges as well. For instance, it becomes a bit difficult for a relatively lesser known brand to keep their employees motivated. Christmas is the time when your customers are willing to splurge. How would you align your marketing campaign with the demands of your consumers? Today, we will take a closer look at these challenges and consequently dig out ways to combat them.


Small businesses and marketing challenges and ways to deal with them

Advertising Challenges

Probably, one out of every three small business entrepreneur would tell you that their advertisements are not getting them good returns. Though much of your success (in this regard) would be governed by the kind of copy you write, you have to market your “copy” properly. Make sure your creativity is reaching out to your target audience. You can try out cheaper marketing tools like Social Media and holiday business ecards. They are much more cost effective than traditional marketing platforms like Television and newspaper, with proven efficacy of churning out greater return of investments.

When it comes to Social Media, make sure you are marketing your brand on five to six of the platforms which will accentuate your brand value in a major way. Keeping customers engaged remains another challenge. Social Media can help you do away with this problem as well. Make sure you are consistently sharing interesting content with your audience and placing your offers there on a regular basis.

Corporate e-greeting cards are a wonderful way to bolster emotional connect with your clients as well. Dropping a heartfelt wish for your clients in an auspicious occasion conveys that you remember them. You can also incorporate company links and logos to strengthen your campaign and maximize impact, as a result. Make sure that you are selecting custom designs and framing unique messages for each of your clients.

Inculcating a sense of pride among employees

As a small brand, initially it might seem a bit difficult to keep your employees inspired. Make sure that you are avoiding this challenge by having daily huddles for 5 to 7 minutes. Organize daily meetings in a bid to recognize their efforts and foster a sense of cooperation. Make sure that there is a proper flow of information within the organization so as to ensure better productivity.

Communication Gaps

Last but not the least, keep your consumers educated about your products and services on a daily basis via periodicals, newsletters and personal contacts to avoid a major menace— communication gaps.


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