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Small Business and the Law: Common Sense Tips For Avoiding Lawsuits

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As a business owner, there is a constant threat that a disgruntled employee is going to sue. In a world where anything and everything can be remunerated through courts, it’s a good idea to become business savvy. After all, avoiding litigation should be on the top of your list of priorities. As a small business owner, you may not have the coffers to compensate employees. But, you also need to make sure that your business is not suffering at the hands of a PR scandal. After all, you want to be seen as a legitimate business. Therefore being a reputable employer forms part of your brand management.


There are some common sense ways that you can avoid lawsuits.


1.    Open and Honest Communication


One of the best ways to avoid lawsuits is to ensure that you have an open and honest line of communication with your employees. Ensure that you have a company handbook. Deal with matters as they arise. Don’t let problems fester under the surface. Make sure that you outline any procedures for bullying and harassment in a visible place. Talk and communicate with your employees. Having this kind of honest dialogue is vital. But, you also need to install policies that clearly define the working culture of your company. With this in place, everyone is aware of how you expect employees to conduct themselves. This should iron out any potential problems.


2.    Don’t Break the Golden Rule


Ah, the golden rule. What is this golden rule that we must not break? In short, the golden rule is to be fair and reasonable. While all CEOs and entrepreneurs envision themselves as a ‘cool boss’ are you like that? Be fair, be reasonable and don’t overlook anyone for promotion based on discriminatory reasons.A lawyer in Kansas City recommend that you think like your employees. What would you expect an employer to be like? Put yourself in the shoes of others and aim to be a fair, reasonable boss with people skills.


3.    Health and Safety Practices


One of the most fundamental things in any operation is to ensure that health and safety procedures are in place. Without them, you are doomed. You need to make sure that health and safety is the top of your priorities. Maintain your office or factory. Make sure everything in it is PAT tested and fit for purpose. Conduct health and safety tests with your team. Be a trailblazer in health and safety and don’t let anything go wrong. This is the best way to avoid litigation. Make everyone aware of the health and safety policies in your venture. And, for the love of god, adhere to them yourself. Practice what you preach is definitely the adage that should be used.


4.    Develop a Solid HR Team


Human resources are an excellent function to have in your business. But, having a solid HR team can have a positive impact on your business. They are there to inform all employees of their rights. But, they ensure that employees stick to their roles too. A strong HR team can ensure that everyone is operating within the parameters of the business. They can also oversee any disputes with employees and bring legal advice to meetings.


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