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Playing into the Hands of Google: How to Be an SEO Whizz

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When it comes to ranking high, you need to appease the gods of Google. It’s that simple. When you start out in SEO, you need to ensure that you are following the proper codes of conduct. Without following these rules, you are likely to end up penalised by Google. Conducting proper SEO methods is easy. It may be an arduous way of ranking higher within SERPs. But, it is important that you do this so that you are not faced with penalties from Google and other search engines.


In short, you need to play by the rules in order to become an SEO whizz.


The Fundamental Rules of SEO


You need to ensure that you are conducting your SEO strategies in a proper way.

This means that you have to have good quality content and a fantastic set of links. Don’t try to manage Google: it will find out. It’s rather smart, you see. Google rolls out manual and algorithmic checks. These can be done on a monthly basis.They see all that you do. If you have been subject to a Google penalty, this can be undone with Google penalty removal. You need to make sure that you are conducting excellent SEO techniques in order to achieve higher rankings. In essence, this sounds easy. But, it can be a long drawn out process. This is why so many people try to manipulate Google.


Quality SEO


Links are vital to any SEO campaign. But, try to avoid using bad backlinks. This can have an impact on your website and could see you penalised as a result. You need to ensure that you are using good quality back links. You need to utilise paid search, PPC and social media. These are all excellent ways to attain higher rankings within Google. Your content and information should be of an astounding quality. In short, you need to be writing whizz too. Yes, this is difficult, but it can be done. Content and information needs to be amazing. It’s that simple.


Play into Google’s Hands


Google and all search engines want to see quality websites. This means that you need to have incredible content. Your site needs to be fully optimised and in good working order. You need to have a site that is authoritative and in good standing. Your site should also give users the best possible experience when using it. If it doesn’t, you will be penalised.


You should, however, avoid the following. You should avoid things like keyword stuffing. Have you ever read an article where the phrase ‘Joe Blogs in London’ has been used over and over again? That is keyword stuffing. It’s unpleasant and should be avoided. Avoid buying links too. This does not bode well with Google. You need to make sure that your website is the epitome of style and ease. Enable your consumers to have a positive experience on your site. If you don’t, this could increase your bounce rate. This can have an effect within SERPS.


Good SEO is not rocket science. Ensure that you play by the rules and watch your rankings soar.

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