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Florida Vacation Red Light Ticket – Is the Camera Always Right?

Side-impact collisions at red lights often result in serious injuries or fatalities. To deter motorists from running red lights while avoiding the cost of stationing officers at every intersection, some locales have moved to red light cameras. Red light cameras are a common sight in Florida, particularly in high-traffic coastal regions. However, red light cameras are practically and legally problematic for the general public. The Procedure Florida law currently authorizes the use of red light Read more [...]

The Importance of Being Furnished: the Plastic Display Case and POS

For impulse buy business, visibility is everything. This is particularly true of any impulse buy item that is not very big in actual physical size – which is, of course, almost all of them. By their nature, he impulse buy segments of a market share are physically small – because they are usually aimed at a specific price bracket. The bracket in question is one whereby a person already committed to spending money is unlikely to notice a difference in the final cost of his or her basket, trolley Read more [...]