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On the 100th Anniversary of the Stanley Cup

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As I gnawed on the tough bread, my audience laughed in approval. Burton intervened, catching me mid chew: got to say something now. After me: I is me old cock, and long may yer big jib draw tumbling words crashed into me, the strong Newfoundlander accent sounding rather Irish; not surprisingly, of course, since Irish emigration to Newfoundland occurred in waves from the late 1600s, reaching its peak in the early 1800s.

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Even while enjoying one of the top East Coast beaches in Atlantic City, safety counts. Although the Atlantic Ocean usually offers up gentle, rolling waves, it can occasionally kick up some rough currents, so you should swim only where lifeguards are present. Atlantic City had the first paid, professional lifesaving squad in the world, and they’re still tops in making sure you stay safe on our New Jersey beaches.

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“Getting to participate with your peers in what everyone is excited about and right now that’s the Seahawks is a huge deal,” Zelko tells Mashable. “In the entire city right now, it seems like every conversation anyone has is about the Seahawks. The kids experience that too and for them to smile in their jerseys of Fridays and cheer for the Seahawks on Sundays would be so great for them.”.

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Juve, a team that I do not really care for, I don hate them, don love them, my only connection to them is that Zidane played for them back in the day. However, trust me, if this kit is the real design, I will be ordering it the day it comes out. It is very rare that you see a kit be THIS creative, especially if they keep no sponsorship.

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