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How to Brand Your Event (Part 2)

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Branding your event is incredibly important – without it, you won’t be able to reinforce your message and visual identity of your company. It’s a great way to get your name out there and have it stick in people’s minds.

In part one of this guide, we talked about four different ways to brand an event you’re hosting, including window and door graphics, stage graphics, digital signs and floor graphics. In part two, let’s look at four solutions to help you make the most of the promotional opportunities available.


Sponsor Graphics

This may not offer you any kind of instant benefit, but it’s a great way to build a strong relationship with the sponsors of your event. A wall graphic that lists their names and logos would surely be appreciated, and it’s the least you can do considering their own generosity.

You can do this with other types of signage too – such as floor graphics, banner stands and, if you really want to impress your sponsors, a digital sign. The options are endless, so pick the one that best fits your layout and place it somewhere people are likely to see it – not hidden in a corner somewhere.

Exhibits and Displays

Your logo should be visible in as many places as possible – so if you don’t already have plans for displays and exhibits to be present at your event, then give it some thought. Set up booths and tables for specific reasons, and decorate them with visual graphics and printed tablecloths and table skirts.

A well-designed exhibit with bright colours is far more likely to attract individuals than a blank, boring table with someone standing behind it – no matter how good the information it provides is. Invest in these solutions and you’ll reap the benefits.

Promotional Products and Printed Materials

This is one of the best ways to brand your event – because not only will it work on the day itself, but people can take home promotional products and printed materials and be reminded of your company on a regular basis. Depending on the nature of your company, the items to be given away can be varied. The obvious choices would be t-shirts, mugs, hats, etc. – but you may want it to be more specific to what you do. Printed materials such as business cards will also do a lot of good due to being practical.

Easy-to-Understand Directions

As well as the obvious promotional advantages, graphics can also have practical uses too. Directions are crucial if your event is set in a large venue with lots of different rooms. People getting lost will only lead to frustration and they’ll associate this with your brand.

Wayfinding signs with arrow and directions don’t have to be purely informative, they can look good too – complete with your company’s logo. Similar to the floor graphics discussed in part 1, signs placed on the ground can be just as effective.

Further Information

Convinced about the importance of brand reinforcement? If you’re set to host an event of some sort, check out the tools to help you tell your brand story from FASTSIGNS – we’re more than ready to help.


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