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How to Brand Your Event (Part 1)

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Whenever an organisation looks into planning an event, it raises a number of opportunities. Not only does event branding allow your company the chance to educate people, raise money for a certain cause and/or celebrate an achievement – it also provides a space and a time for promotion – and brand reinforcement.

This is obviously an important thing for companies, as you need potential customers to be aware of your brand and to remember your message. By consistently referring to your company name and brand message, you can become a trusted and reliable resource for people who might need your products or services.

There are a number of ways to promote your enterprise through an event, and we’re going to discuss various ideas through this two-part guide.


Door and Window Graphics

The entrance to the building or area in which your event is taking part is a great opportunity to remind your visitors who you are. This is also the first chance you will get, so it’s important to ensure you make a good impression.

Make a dramatic entrance and create a real sense of excitement and attract attention – this is particularly useful if you’re trying to entice people in off the street. Choose some bright colours and big texts and add door and window graphics – guaranteed to catch the eye of passers-by and build excitement about your event from the moment visitors walk or drive into the event site.

Position Stage Graphics

The main stage area – if your event has one – is one of the best locations to promote your brand through the use of wall graphics. If you have something going on and manage to gather a crowd, or fill out a seating area in front of the stage, then there are potentially hundreds of eyes staring in one direction.

You can place graphics by the side of the stage, on the podium, on the walls or even the curtains. In fact, the more visual elements you have, the better.

Digital Signs

This is a great opportunity for you to show your audience that you are an innovative, creative and technology-savvy organisation. Print signs and graphics are great, but digital signage is where the future is, and people will be impressed by how dedicated you are to getting your message across.

Digital signs combine the use of not only text and graphics, but video, sound and video as well to bring a complete multimedia experience. Step into the digital age at your event and you’ll look to be head and shoulders above your competitors.

Floor Graphics

This is quite an unusual technique, but one that has been proven to work rather well. Floor graphics are effective and have a variety of uses. Obviously, promoting your brand is number one, but they’re also useful for directional purposes.

What’s great is that floor graphics are easy and quick to use, there’s no messing around. They’re made with non-skid laminate that will not damage surfaces.

Further Information

Convinced about the importance of brand reinforcement? If you’re set to host an event of some sort, check out the tools to help tell your brand story at FASTSIGNS – we’re more than ready to help.

Check back for part 2 of this feature soon…


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