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How the moderator of a corporate event should be

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Usually one of the last things that the organizers decide is who will host the event. This is probably because they think they can put in front of the audience any sympathetic friend or a responsible partner and that they will easily manage with a microphone. But be careful not to relax, the task of moderating an event is not simple and not just anyone can do it. It´s a crucial step to pay attention to during event management.


Since the role of this person seems fundamental (moderate, entertain, engage in dialogue, etc.), one cannot be allowed to continue choosing randomly. If you’re organizing a conference, seminar or an event that brings together various speakers you urgently need a moderator! And as previously mentioned, he needs to be suitable for the job too. I’ll help you choose the right one. Let’s start by reviewing the personal characteristics required of a moderator.

Since we´re talking about someone who is supposed to set the pace of the event and requires to have the right tone, it should be someone attentive.

A moderator should be sociable and make the audience feel comfortable. Getting involved with participants is the key.

Maintain the subject under discussion within topic and keep it widely known. Otherwise you will lose the respect of the audience.

Empathy is a feature that cannot be missed in a moderator. Just taking the place of the others is fundamental and getting in their shoes. We agree that the public of an event is always different and we must learn to deal with so many personalities.

Your posture should be neutral. You must listen and never give out your personal opinion of the subject. Never push or influence a debate at your convenience.

You need to be determined to fill silences, waiting times and overcome last minute inconveniences. If a speaker fails you at the last minute, you should not worry if you have at your event a good moderator.

Undoubtedly, the moderator is crucial in an event. Hope I’ve helped shed some light on your picture of this important figure.

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