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How installing bike storage can bring in big business

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Bike storage shelters are ideal for those who like to use their bike as a mode of transport. But how does having bike storage affect your business? Take a look at some of the benefits.


Bike storage facilities are found everywhere, from schools to the office. Many people prefer to take their bike to work or school as it saves them a significant amount of cash that would normally be used on public transport or fuel for the car. It is also a great way to keep active and fit and it contributes to helping the environment. There is one other advantage to bike storage: it can bring in business. Let’s take a look at why this is.

Builds a new customer base
Bringing in bike shelters to your office will significantly boost your client base. Many cyclists wouldn’t consider visiting a building unless there is a secure place to store their bike so you may even lose clients without bike storage. So many people prefer to cycle and you can expand your neighbourhood client base by adding one close to the office where you work. People also prefer to have their bike close to them when they stop off somewhere as they can keep a close eye on it. The shelter will give them peace of mind as long as it is nearby.

Access to public transport
Even transport systems are getting bike storage on board which brings in more business. Although many people choose to ride their bike to help the environment and keep fit, many will get tired if they have been cycling for hours. In the event of an emergency, people may need to get home a little faster so may have to board public transport to get to their destination. Bike shelters are found at stations which makes it easy for you to pick up later and you can even bring your bike on board on some vehicles. This makes it easy to have the option of using transport and brings in business for transport systems. Clients of your business who live further away will be able to use both their bike and public transport.

It encourages community involvement in your business
By adding a bike storage facility you are actively helping the community. Many businesses are using their cycle shelters to their advantage and making cycling a community event. By associating your business with a community event you will instantly gain the support of the neighbourhood and will bring in more business. Also, if you add bicycle security, you will gain the trust of your clients and potential clients ensuring that they return.

It has been noted that people who visit the supermarket on their bike will not buy a lot of shopping when compared to drivers. However, cyclists will come in more often to stock up meaning that they may impulse buy and spend more. This is just one example of how business is benefited by adding secure facilities for cyclists but there are many more instances of businesses taking advantage of this idea.

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