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Has Your Company Employed Digital Marketing Methods?

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The world is changing. How we conduct business is changing. You are no doubt keen to get on board and make your business prosper. With this in mind, you need to have an awesome digital marketing strategy within your midst. Are you utilising the remarkable powers of digital marketing? If not, why? The world of business is now conducted, in the main, online. If you want your business to prosper in 2014 and beyond, you need an effective digital marketing strategy.


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Let’s take a look at the best ways that you can market your business in the online world.




Pay per click advertising, or PPC, is a form of paid advertising that is done via search engines. For those who are unaware of the powers of PPC, you are sure to see a lofty return on investment should you utilise these services. You need to play into the hands of search engines and ensure that your paid advert is at the top of Google.


Search for the word ‘marketing’ for example. You may find a number of companies that are advertised within the right hand side of Google. These are examples of paid adverts. Once you click on the advert, the company is charged. This is because their marketing endeavours have worked. You have clicked on their website in order to seek out their goods, based on the advert positioning.


The other results that are not paid for are termed ‘organic’ search results. These have not been paid for.




Search engine optimisation, or SEO, is a form of marketing that endeavours to get companies to the top of Google. Everyone wants to be at the number one spot within Google. This is because customers tend to trust companies at the top of Google more. The science for this is unknown. If you are languishing on the page number five of Google’s results, you should be pushing for the top spot. This is done through SEO methods of marketing. This form of marketing is complex, so you may want to enlist the help of a digital agency to help you. A simple search, including your location, such as digital agency Melbourne, will assist you with your quest.


Social Media


Facebook and Twitter are powerful tools at your disposal. Use them. You can have paid adverts within Facebook so that your company is prominent above your competitors. What is more, Twitter gives your company a human face. Active and consistent engagement with your clients is critical. Use it as a valuable tool for interacting with your customers on a regular basis.


Mobile Friendly


An increasing number of people browse the net from their tablets, mobile phones and other devices. So, you will need a responsive website that allows people to look at your website through these means. If you do not, your business may fail. PC World reported that in 2014, more people purchased tablets than ever before. They have now overtaken desktops in terms of yearly sales. Even businesses now supply their employees with laptops. The device is king, and this will only get bigger. Ensure you have robust, responsive design for your remarkable website.


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