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Given the grave situation, district collector Daulat

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The damning hits keep coming for the Adelaide Crows with fresh details emerging from the club’s infamous 2018 training camp.After losing the 2017 AFL Grand Final against Richmond, the Crows put the playing group through an arduous camp in an attempt to strengthen the team for a better run the following season.Kayo is your ticket to the 2020 Toyota AFL Premiership Season. Watch every match of every round Live On Demand. New to Kayo? Get your 14 day free trial start streaming instantly >Unfortunately the camp backfired with the Crows falling from the top of the AFL all the way to the bottom and becoming the league latest laughing stock.Now new details have come to light from the camp, painting the club in an ever uglier light.The explosive and damning report from The Age Sam McClure details the extreme measures taken during the camp, run by Queensland based consultancy group Collective Mind.Instead of bonding and making the playing group tougher, the camp tore the club apart and left players severely unhappy with those in charge.Rumours, whispers, innuendo.

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