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Everything You Need to Create a Stylish Yet Practical Working Space

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A stylish yet practical working space is something that we could all do with. For times when we’re given tasks to complete at home, or perhaps when we have our own projects going on, a working space that looks great is just what we need to motivate us. But how can you create a space that’s both stylish and practical? Read on to find out…



1. High Quality Lighting


High quality lighting in a workspace is one of the most important aspects. A dim light source or mood lighting will make you sleepy, and won’t be very motivational for you while you try to work. High quality lighting will keep you awake and on the ball ready for any challenges that your project might throw at you.


2. A Comfortable Chair


A comfortable chair is important, but you shouldn’t choose a soft fluffy armchair. If I tried to work in a soft fluffy armchair, I think I’d drop off! Choose a practical, professional looking computer chair to keep you comfy and working hard.


3. A Decent Computer


The better the computer you work on, the better quality of work you’ll usually produce. You’ll usually also be able to finish your work much faster on a newer machine. I work on a Mac, and I absolutely love it! If you’re serious about your work, I highly recommend this.


4. Good Looking Furniture


Depending on how big your workspace is, you may want to add more good looking furniture. You could include a comfortable seating area to sit at when you need to think and regroup away from the computer, and perhaps even a bookshelf filled with your favourite books. A perspex monitor stand is perfect for keeping your computer steady and stylish.


5. Motivational Imagery


If you want your working space to have a bit of personality about it, you can add some motivational imagery. This will add colour and flair to a room while encouraging you to work hard. Whether you prefer a big piece of art by a legendary artist, or a simple quote from somebody you admire, motivational imagery is a must! Be picky about what you include though, as too much can actually be distracting.


6. Feng Shui


You may have heard of Feng Shui before. This Chinese art form is said to be a great way to create balance within rooms, but also to improve your life in many ways. Certain styles of Feng Shui can improve positivity, your social life, your career, and more! Even if you think this is a load of rubbish, it still creates a great look and sense of balance. Try it and see what you think!


With these tips you’ll create a stylish yet practical working space. Do you have trouble with procrastination and motivation? You won’t once you have the above 6 things in place! You’ll love going to your home office to work. Let us know if you try these tips by leaving a comment. Thanks for reading!

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