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Easy Ways Your Company Can Help The Environment

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As a business owner, you have the power to decide how your business runs. If you are conscious of the damage that people are doing to the environment, you can do something about it. You have the power to make positive steps towards reversing the damage humanity is doing. Helping to make your office more eco-friendly is a great place to start. As the boss, you can insist on certain practices within the workplace. That means that you can ensure that whilst your staff members are at work they do everything they can to save the planet. You may believe that it will be expensive to begin to save the world, but it will not. In many instances, the changes you make to make your office eco-friendly will also save you money in the long-run. Here are some simple ways that you can begin to save the planet today.



Invest In A Recycling System


Do you already have a recycling system in place at work? If not, why not? Getting you and your staff into the habit of recycling could have a serious impact on the environment around you. It costs nothing more to have recycled litter collected than it does to have usual waste taken away. Call up the local council and explain to them that you want a proper recycling system in place. They will likely be glad that a business owner is taking an interest in eco issues. The council will be able to provide you with the facilities you need to begin recycling in your office.


Use Less Paper Within Your Office


Modern offices should aim for a paper free environment. Of course, using no paper in your office is unrealistic, but you should at least try to cut down. Use the printer only when you need to have a paper document of something. Otherwise read things on screen and share them via email. If you tend to send annual Christmas cards to your clients, then consider switching to eCO2 Greetings. E-cards mean that you don’t waste paper by sending out hard copies of cards to all your clients. The sentiment is still there when you send a greeting via email, but the damage to the planet is not.


Remote Working And Telecommuting


Does everyone need to be in the office every day? If some of your staff could do the same job they do in the office at home, then you should let them. People waste a lot of fuel travelling to and from work. We, as a planet, are running out of natural resources. Anything you can do to save the natural resources of the planet will help the environment in a significant way. People often work harder when they work from home. Ensure that you talk to your staff on a regular basis via Skype or messenger, so that you can see their work progress.


Turn Everything Off At Night


When you leave the office at night make sure that you turn everything off. It may sound simple, but so few businesses do it. Switch off everything from laptops to printers to telephones. Make sure that you aren’t using energy when you don’t need to use it. At night, when everyone is at home, there is no need for anything electrical to be running in the office. Unless your computer is doing an overnight update or something is downloading, make sure someone turns it off. Make it a standard policy within your office that everyone must turn off their equipment before they leave. Getting into this habit will mean that you and your staff members save a lot of power. You will also cut the costs of your utility bills, which can only be a good thing.


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