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Different Types of Recognition Plaques

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Recognition plaques are the traditional way to express gratitude towards worthy individuals. Most of the awards are supplied to the good personnel, loyal users of firm, speakers in seminars, and top quality support service providers. Here are some of the recognition types.

Formal Recognition

Formalrecognition is a structured program that is a defined process that links to the organizational goals. It has got nomination process as well as awards ceremony. Here employees receivepublic recognition in a single formal setting.

In most of the organizations, this kind of recognition occurs once in a year, and very few employees get recognized. Other examples of formal recognition include several years of service or values of champion awards.

Informal Recognition

Informal recognition is structured less when compared with formal recognition. It is particularly designed for teams and individuals, rewarding progress towards reaching the goal. Informal recognition includes low-cost celebration withrefreshments and   mementos. The best example is to hostdepartment-wide lunch when you see a major project is getting completed.

Day-to-Day Recognition

Anyone in one particular organization offer day-to-day recognition. This again includes Thank You note or a verbal praise. This kind of recognition is again designed to recognize the behaviour, which again support organizational values.

All these terms are defined below –

Reward: It is an item given to the team or an individual for meeting pre-determined goal and is cash based at times.

Award: It is an item offered to a team or individual to commemorate the specified achievement, which are typically non-cash

Incentive: A contingent reward, which is again, based on pre-determined achievement with the performance results in one specific time period

Celebration: It is a spontaneous or planned event in recognizing the individual or a team achievement

More about Recognition Plaques

Recognition plaques are very much staple in this current corporate world; it is frequently offered to the employees for a job done well in certain number of years within the firm. For instance, if you see someone completing theproject, which earns the company a better deal of money; a recognition plaque will be offered to the employee in the form of bonus check or any other incentive.

Another common type of recognition plaque is the “Employee of the Month”; many firms, including the small and large ones feature ‘Employee of the Month’designation. These types of recognition plaques are presented during the monthly meeting and monthly ceremony. This also helps to counter the info dispensed at a meeting.

Recognition Plaques Categories

Usually, the recognition plaques are wooden and they are very much similar to that of picture frame that comes with either a mounting bracket or a stand for placing it on the wall. They do have a polished metal plate on front, with employee’s nameengraved, and the date.

You can see these plaques available insilver, bronze or gold finish, and theycan be offered as awards to the employees for their achievements in different levels. These are also commonly givento children too, so one must be careful in choose recognition plaques for senior members of an organization!

This article is written by Ashley Hawkins. She is a freelance writer who loves to write about tips and ideas on how to select unique gifts for every occasion. You can follow her on twitter: @itsmeashley2013

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