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Building vs. Renovating – Which Option Should you Choose?

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It’s good to have a choice isn’t it? Maybe it is but sometimes you’re faced with one that seams next to impossible. In this case – to build from ground up or to renovate what is already standing. Both have great advantages and some serious disadvantages. The truth is ¬– there is not choice to fit all and which option you should go for depends on a number of circumstances. Here is a few things to consider before you make up your mind.


Total control

The freedom of expression that an empty sheet of paper gives you can be stimulating. This is what happens when you build your house from ground up. Sky, and your budget, is the limit. You have a complete authority over what your future house will look like, the room’s number and layout, the technologies utilized, the material you want to use. When you’re building your own home you can design it the way you like it or ask a professional like the experts at for help, there is nothing to limit you except for the content for your wallet and the size of your piece of land.

Sentimental value

If the house you live in has been with your family for generations, you might feel reluctant to just let it go and build something new. Houses are more than just empty buildings, we attach emotional value to them, they are sternly connected to our lives and letting a demolition crew run amok your family home can be a painful experience. If this is the case, renovation might be the only option for you.

Building on strong foundations

An old house, even if worn out and neglected, might still have a great architectural value. Sometimes all it takes is to discover the gem hidden inside. A talented architect or designed can incorporate elements of the old architecture and decorations into a new design to a striking effect. Nobody says that when demolishing a house you have to demolish it all, maybe there is some walls worth preserving, some materials worth recycling. This might be the middle path between demolishing and renovation you were looking for.

New might be cheaper

Simple logic dictates that it should be more expensive to build something from ground up than just to refurbish the old thing. But that’s not always the case. Sometimes the old house has serious design and construction faults, at other times time has left a irremovable mark on its foundations – in this case, keeping the old house with just some improvements might turn out more expensive than building a new one.

There is only one person that can tell you if you should build a new house or renovate the old one – you. Consider all pros and cons, evaluate your position, take a look at your budget your needs and available resources and then and only them make up your mind. And remember, whichever decision you make, you will end up with a beautiful house.

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