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Absolutely Everything Your Business Should Know About Fire Safety

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Business owners are responsible for the welfare of their staff while they are on work premises. If you run an office or any workplace, you need to ensure that everybody is safe 100% of the time. It is against the law to risk your employees health. If you have a lapse in concentration, you could cause people to hurt themselves or have an issue. One of the biggest (and most dangerous) threats to a workplace is fires. Here is everything you need to know so that you can protect your staff and your company.


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Carry out a risk assessment


If you haven’t done so yet, it is time to carry out a fire risk assessment. That means that you need to go through the office space and see how safe each area is. If you have a lot of electronic equipment, you should check the power sources so that there is no risk of electrical fires. You also need to ensure that heaters are secure and safe. If you are not confident carrying out the assessment yourself, you can have an expert visit your office and do it for you.


Install a sprinkler system


If the worst should happen, and there is a fire in your workplace, you need to make sure that you have means to deal with it. The easiest way to put out most fires is with some water. You can get a sprinkler system for your office so that it is always safe. Once you have a system, you can visit so that the experts there can help you keep it working. You should also ensure that you have fire extinguishers throughout the office. You should put these things in different places so that people can access them with ease.


Talk to staff about fire prevention


It is not just you who needs to worry about fires; you need to educate your staff on how to prevent fires from starting at work. You should spend a day or so talking to your employees about various techniques they can use while they are on the premises. You should make things as transparent as possible for your workers. It is crucial that they understand what they need to do to help.


Keep the office environment clean


If you have loads of trash throughout your office, that can heighten the risk of you having a fire. You should make sure that you keep the space as clean as possible. That way, if a fire should ignite, there will not be many things it can burn. Once a week, you need to ensure that you tidy the office and keep it clean.


Decide on a meeting point


When there is a fire, you need to know where you will meet your staff. You will have to carry out a headcount so that you are sure everybody is out of the building. You should choose a place that is easy to get to where you can meet. Be sure that every member of staff knows where the meeting point is so that they go there in an emergency.


Have regular ‘drill’ fire alarms


If you want to make sure that everybody has a clear idea of what to do in an emergency, you should have loads of drills. You need to set off a false fire alarm and ask people to follow the process you have taught them. If you use this technique on a regular basis, you can train people to understand the protocol.


Fire safety is an important aspect of any business. Now that you have all the information you need, you can work to improve the safety procedures in your office. You have a duty to your staff to do everything you can to protect them.


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