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5 Tips for online work in order to enjoy the holidays

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August arrives and, for many, also the time to enjoy a well deserved holiday. However, for those who work for online marketing job, it is difficult to completely disconnect, because the online work is a constant daily work. There is a way to combine both: daily work and vacation rest. How? Planning and defining the main tasks for each of the work areas. Here are some tips to keep working during the holidays without appearing around the office.


1 – Create content. Since Google bet on quality content, SEO is mainly a job of updating and creating content. Planning and adjusting the content to the main calendar events is essential. Don´t fail to leave defined, written and programmed content to be published during the holidays.

2 – Select keywords. You may search during the summer or during the period when you take your holiday. There are products that are seasonal and have peak demand by time of year. Discuss whether this is true for your product and optimize content with keywords that have higher demand.

3 – Close agreements for link building. If you follow a link building strategy, it is important that there is consistency and coherence. Links must be received naturally and gradually. From the viewpoint of Google, receiving quality links does on a natural progression or average is good. If you’re on a link building campaign, make sure that the links will be posted during the holidays. Close agreements with other websites or blogs for content sharing, so unique and original content is published with links to your website, during your days off.

4 – Optimize images. As important as optimizing the texts is to optimize the images. It is shown that many people come to a website through images, in addition, they are positioned with relative ease. Optimize the title and filename of each of the entries you post.

5 – Program Social Networks. A clear publication schedule for Social Media is not recommended, but there are very good programs that allow you to do it quite effectively. Program content related to the most important calendar events on those social networks that are most useful for your business.

These were some tips to help you enjoy the holidays and get rid of the stress that has accumulated throughout the year. You probably need to take a look from time to time to ensure that “the world has not stopped”, but there´s nothing you can’t do from Mobile quietly lying in a hammock by the pool.

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