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5 reasons why roller blind shutters are perfect for your shop

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Hi-tech security systems can be extremely expensive. One way to protect your shop from thieves and vandals is to invest in roller blind shutters. Here are five reasons why roller blind shutters are so useful.


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  1. Thieves will find it difficult to access your property


Exterior roller blind shutters are very difficult to break through. The recent Daily Mail account of the Hatton Garden diamond robbery stated that the thieves accessed the building through the lift shaft and then forced entry through internal shuttered doors. The alarm bell rang during the course of the robbery, but no one took any notice. If you take a look here, you’ll see that external roller blind shutters offer substantial protection against this type of break in.


  1. Roller blinds shutters stop thieves viewing the contents of your shop


Thieves aren’t all opportunists; some plan their activities. If roller blind shutters protect your shop windows, then the thieves can’t see the contents of your shop. It’s also a good idea to post notices that a security firm regularly patrols the area, if this is the case, to protect your business. Another important factor to bear in mind is that the crooks won’t be able to see any other exits in your shop, which they could use as an escape route once inside your shop premises. With the use of roller blind shutters, if you position a security camera above the blinds, then you can be confident that you have done all that you can to protect your premises.


  1. Insurers love a well-protected shop


If thieves have targeted your shop in the past, it’s a good idea to install roller blind shutters in order to protect your business in the future. In the Association of British Insurers’ (AIB) Guide to Protecting your Business, the AIB states that insurers will pay out if you have sufficient cover in place, and this cover will include ‘serious damage to your building,’ as well as ‘business interruption insurance.’ Your insurer is less likely to pay up if you haven’t got adequate security measures in place.


  1. The police urge prevention


Police forces across the UK urge business owners to ensure that their security is up to scratch. The West Yorkshire Police website suggests that retailers protect their premises by installing ‘external roller shutters,’ in order to ‘physically protect the target.’ They also urge the use of ‘strengthening all potential entrances.’
A conversation with your local crime prevention officer will help, as these trained professionals may be able to spot a weakness in your shop’s security that you might have overlooked.



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