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5 Industries That Are Expected to Boom in 2014

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While there is no denying that some industries have experienced a slump and sluggish performance in recent years, it is not all doom and gloom in the business world. There is certainly a loss of consumer confidence at the moment, but some fields are continuing to experience exponential growth and are expected to continue to post high yielding results well into the future.

Below are five of those industries that are still very clearly on their way up.


1. Human Resources

Hiring, payroll, training – the outsourced human resources industry is continuing to grow. A word of warning though: despite being a growing industry, it is also highly competitive in an already saturated market. Carving out a niche is key to finding success in the staffing and human resources world.

2. Virtual Workforces

Virtual outsourcing is an emerging field. It is convenient and cost effective for both the employees and the employer. While there are some overseas outsourcing options available, it is also a field that many people looking for a more flexible work arrangement are turning to as well.

3. Organic Farming

While there is arguably still a long way to go before organic, ethical and sustainable food and farming becomes norm, this is a burgeoning industry that will continue to grow as consumers demand more conscious products. Think laterally – you don’t necessarily have to be an organic farmer yourself, but you could carve yourself a profitable venture if you are providing support or services to the industry.

4. Internet Publishing & Broadcasting

The monetization of the internet is still a budding industry and there is time for astute publishers to get on board. Blogs, online magazines and digital entertainment are all growing – and potentially lucrative – ventures to consider.

5. Online Education

While various forms of digital learning have been available for a number of years, they are only starting to become a mainstream option now. Like with some of the other booming industries, being a digital training provider isn’t the only way to cash in on the growth. Think about how you can develop a service offering that is beneficial to either students or education institutions.

While finding employment in a booming industry is one way to future proof your job prospects, another is to ensure that training and qualifications are kept up to date and you have transferrable skills. Finding new ways to use your knowledge and experience is something that can work in any industry, and it may pay to think laterally. Are you good at what you do and enjoy working with others? Perhaps consider studying a Cert IV Training & Assessment via a registered training organisation like HBA Learning Centres, who can help you get recognition for prior learning and offer flexible delivery options so you can learn at your own pace, in your own environment. Health & Safety is another field of study that applies to nearly every industry, boom or bust.

Which industries do you think are on the cusp of a boom?

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